Mike Stewart, the audio/video product creation advisor to some of the top professional speakers in the world, has signed on to speak at the Million Dollar Speaker Marketing Seminar in Atlanta, July 11-13, 2008. This is huge! Mike charges $10,000/day for consulting and is booked months in advance.  When it comes to teaching speakers how to profit from audio/video technology, he’s the best in the business. I’ve purchased every product he has and it’s been the best investment I’ve made since attending the Bill Gove Speech Workshop back in 96′. Mike will teach you how to set up your own audio/video studio in your home (He’s put them in both of our houses) and show how you can create speaker products and have them online for sale in a matter of hours! This is the future (and present) of the professional speaking business. This is another reason to join us in Atlanta for this one-time only seminar. If you’re serious about this business, don’t miss this one! You’ll learn the TRUTH about the professional speaking business, and exactly how you can beat the odds and make big money in this business—direct from speakers who have earned millions in this industry. No theories. No hype. Just practical strategies that get your message out to the world and pay you handsomely for doing it. We’re only taking a small group of people, so register today. www.milliondollarspeakermarketing.com

Steve Siebold, CSP, CPCS ( 3: 24 )