In the summer of 1995, I was sitting against the back wall of a hotel meeting space in Springfield, Missouri, watching the catering staff set up the room for a meeting for IBM. As I watched the lectern being moved into place onstage, I closed my eyes and imagined I was the keynote speaker. I wondered what it would feel like. In reality, I was in Missouri doing work I didn’t like with people I didn’t respect. I was making good money, yet I was miserable. I sat there daydreaming for a solid hour, and when I went back to my room, I promised myself that someday my daydream would become reality. That was 25 years ago, and since then I’ve delivered $16 million in keynote speeches, sold 1.5 million books, and have been featured on every major TV network in the western world. My guess is that if you’re reading this, you have the same dream. Watch this video on how to make it happen.