COVID-19 is still raging around the world, but the vaccine is being distributed and the end of the shutdown is in sight. Meetings and conventions should return by early 2022, and professional speakers will once again be in high demand. Now is the time to prepare in an area that most emerging speakers ignore: platform skills. Most new speakers are more concerned about marketing themselves when they actually lack the speaking skills they need to get paid. Please don’t make this mistake. Learning stagecraft takes time and practice, but without it, your business will fail. I’ve watched hundreds of senior executives who spent their careers speaking to their employees in meetings make the mistake of thinking that their level of skill was enough to get paid. Its not. Unless you’re a major celebrity, found a cure for cancer or global warming, you must be spectacular on stage. If I had a nickel for every new speaker I’ve watched who tried to shortcut this process, I’d be rich. There is no shortcut to developing platform skills. Watch this video for the 3 steps to follow to take your speaking skills to the professional level. After you watch this video, take the to help you get started.