What is it that professional public speakers really do? Besides delivering content that solves problems, many speakers believe there’s a higher purpose. This post is about two speakers who believe speaking is more than just content and entertainment. Two of my mentors and friends; Keith Harrell and Bob Proctor, shared their views about this in private conversations with me that I think you might enjoy. Keith Harrell, known to his fans as Dr. Attitude, is one of the most popular motivational speakers in corporate America. You can see him in action at www.keithharrell.com  Bob Proctor is a professional speaking legend, and most recently starred in the hit movie, The Secret. Check him out at www.bobproctor.com  Both of these gentleman are world class performers and world class human beings. They are a credit to our profession. Listen to this post and take note of their wisdom.  Steve Siebold, CSP, CPCS  ( 5:54 )