We get calls at the Bill Gove Speech Workshop every day from people looking to break  into the professional speaking business, telling us they heard it was easy. If anyone tells you this business is easy, I promise you he/she is NOT in this business. There are a LOT of people who sell this lie to aspiring speakers, and they profit handsomely from it. Thats one of the reasons Bill Gove, the father of professional speaking, would never allow anyone to teach his workshop that was not a six/seven figure professional speaker in their own right. Bill Gove was the real deal, and he was one of the only people who told me the  truth about this business. BEWARE of people posing as professional speakers who actually make their living selling products, programs and speaker coaching to new speakers. This is one of the ugly secrets of this business no one who knows better likes to talk about.  I witnessed this for 10 years as a member of the National Speakers Association. The only reason I was able to succeed in an organization where 80% of the speakers are earning a meager living, was through the guidance of Bill Gove and our Gove-Siebold Group national board of advisors. They introduced me to the top 40-50 speakers and those were the only people I was instructed to listened to. One of those people was the late, great, Walter Hailey, the Texas billionaire who built and sold his first company to Kmart Corporation for 72 million dollars when he was still in his 20’s. Walter Hailey was a 1961 graduate of the Bill Gove Speech Workshop, and went on to document his marketing secrets in a brilliant book called, Breaking the No Barrrier. This book is NOT about the speaking business, but it helped me sell a ton of corporate speaking engagements utilizng Hailey’s N.E.E.R. system. This is PURE MARKETING GENUIS!  This is the STREET SMART method of breaking into the business. Check it at amazon.com or your local bookstore. I’ve read this book 7 times since Steve Anderson, Walter ‘s business partner, gave me a copy. This world class resource will help you build your business and catapult your speaking income.