Mace Horoff, a fellow graduate of the Bill Gove Speech Workshop, has a world-class blog on his topic of expertise called the Medical Sales School Blog. Mace was the best of the best as a medical sales person when he decided to retire to south Florida to fly his private plane ( parked in his backyard. The runway is on the property as well) and spend time with his lovely wife, C.J. But medical sales companies wouldn’t leave this genius alone and begged him to forgo retirement and help train their teams in the system that made him so successful. After years of prodding, Mace Horoff opened the Medical Sales School. As a long time Mace Horoff fan, I’ve become addicted to his blog. It’s an example of a professional speaker doing things right. He’s a world class expert delivering quality real world content and helping individuals and companies grow. Check out Maces blog at  Steve Siebold, CSP, CPCS