Professional public speaking is the most under-rated leadership success skill. This is a little known secret of world-class leaders. USA Today nailed it in their February 28, 2008 article ‘ Do Effective Speakers Make Effective Presidents?’ The article was written by Wynton C. Hall, and it’s right on the money. Strong public speaking skills may make Barack Obama the most powerful man in the world. Politics aside, what other evidence has he presented to the American people that says he’s ready for this position? He’s only 47 years old; he’s a fairly new senator, and he’s running against a woman with a resume full of public success. If he wins the Democratic nomination, he’ll be up against a 72-year old war hero that was living in a cage with rats for 5 years as a POW in Vietnam when Obama was a teenager. How could he POSSIBLY defeat a national treasure like John McCain? There’s only one way: Through his ability to motivate and inspire people from the platform. USA Today says thats not a reason to elect him, and they’re probably right. But like it or not; right or wrong, people BUY on emotion, and Barack Obama knows how to use the platform to get people excited. My question for you (and me) is; are WE using the power of public speaking to get what we want?