This is the most overlooked area of the becoming a professional, fee-paid speaker. This is the reason so few speaker training companies advertise in this area. New speakers assume it’s not important, and yet it’s the single most important aspect of the becoming a successful speaker. Maybe the best example is how little attention is paid to this at the National Speakers Association. *PLEASE don’t make this mistake. If you do, it may cost you your dream. THANK GOD I met Bill Gove, the father of professional speaking, back in 1997, who passed this #1 reason that speakers fail on to me. 26 years and $50 million in speaking fees later, I will tell you in no uncertain terms, that if I would have missed this one thing, I would still be teaching tennis lessons in Florida. In this episode of the Author Speaker Podcast, I share this critical component, and I promise you this: you won’t hear it in too many places. #professionalspeaking#keynotespeaking#keynotespeaker#stevesiebold