Growing up in 1970’s Chicago, Dave ‘King Kong’ Kingman was our home-run hero for the Chicago Cubs. At 6’6, this guy was a giant that could park the ball so far out of Wrigley Field that no one could find it. Every time the game was tied, Jack Brickhouse, the voice of the Cubs, would wonder if they were going to call on Kingman to win the game. All of us kids would race home from school to see if the big man would get to bat. He rarely let us down. Fast forward 30 years and I’m speaking at a convention in West Palm Beach on the same ticket as Kingman. It was surreal, and I instantly turned into a 14-year old kid! The places you go and the people you meet as a professional speaker are often hard to believe. Watch this video for the rest of the story. #publicspeaking #davekingman #personaldevelopement