I just spent 2-days with 20 of the wealthiest professional speakers in the world. The meeting was held at the National Speakers Association Convention in Orlando. NSA has created a new, invitation-only group called the Million-Dollar Round Table. Each applicant had to submit financial statements to prove they had billed over a million dollars in speaking revenue in 2009. Only 21 speakers qualified, and I was honored to be one of them. All of us spoke during the 2-days, and it was amazing to hear the ideas from all of these brilliant speakers. The entire meeting I kept thinking to myself that I’d never be sitting here without the knowledge I acquired from interviewing wealthy people for the last 26-years. They taught me how to think like a millionaire, and it changed my business and my life. I had to leave the meeting early to begin the media tour for my new book, How Rich People Think. Yesterday I was interviewed on FOX and NBC. Today I’m on CBS in Chicago. This tour will continue through December and go from here to Europe and Australia. The ONLY way I could have done this is from what I learned from the wealthy. Most professional public speakers DON’T THINK like MILLIONAIRES, and that’s why so few of them are wealthy. If you’re goal is to become a million-dollar speaker, please read How Rich People Think. This book may shock you a little, but I promise you it will make you think about money in a whole different way than any book you’ve ever read on the subject. Check it out at http://www.howrichpeoplethinkbook.com You can even download 5 Chapters for FREE as a test-drive. Watch this short video post for a few major tips from the book.

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