For many years, I held the record for being the fastest non-celebrity professional speaker to go from zero to a million-dollars in speaking fees, in just under 5 years. Many people attributed my success to marketing and sales talent. I wish! The embarrassing truth is that I lost over $50,000 my first year in the business. Once I stumbled upon the strategy I share in this video, my business exploded, netting me $182,000 my second year, and over $300,000 my third year. And this is over 20 years ago. In the speaking business, there are people who kick and scratch their way to success over decades, and there are people that leverage superior systems and become (almost) overnight successes. (Pro-Tip:The secret is in the system, not the content of your speech) In this video, I reveal the system that created approximately $9.3 million in front and back end revenue, and how you can do the exact same thing…FASTER than I did! #professionalspeaking #keynotespeaker #personaldevelopment