There’s a group of people in the speaking industry telling emerging speakers how easy it is to become a successful professional speaker. Back in 1996, the year I started my full time speakering career, I heard the same thing. It turns out the people perpetuating this lie are profiting from it. Chances are they’re trying to sell you a seminar, book publishing deal, or CVD or DVD product that tells you how to make it. Some of these people are even telling speakers they don’t have to be good on the platform to make it. Of course none of what they say is true, but new speakers don’t know the charlatans from the good guys. Thank God I met Bill Gove back in 1996. Bill set me straight and told me who to listen to and who to run from. He showed me the honest side of the business as well as the dark side. Bill Gove is the most honest man I’ve ever met in this business, and this post will hopefully pass on some of his wisdom to you.

Steve Siebold