How would you like a concierge to escort you into the richest segment in the professional speaking industry? (Fortune 100) Or would prefer to cold call? In 1997, Bill Gove and Larry Wilson ushered me into the corporate market as a speaker. They showed me how to break into the biggest companies, build a massive referral network and sell senior executives. They took to me meetings with clients and let me watch them sell million-dollar speaking, training and consulting contracts. Then they brought me onstage and allowed me to participate in their speeches. So by the time I had my first big corporate prospect, I knew exactly what to say, how to say it, how to sell it and how to deliver it. While most successful speakers take 5-7 years to hit the $100K mark, it took me 12 months…and within 5 years I was earning over $1 million, which today would be more like $2.5 million. Unfortunately, both Larry and Bill have passed away. The good news is I’m offering this service to a tiny group of talented people. To see if you qualify, watch this video and visit #publicspeaking #personaldevelopment #billgove #ipdar #speakersapprentice