As much as I love my motivational speaker friends, most are experts at delivering an incredible speech, with little problem-solving content. Their expertise lies in exciting an audience for 45-minutes and moving on to the next speech. In corporate America, they’re known as “slot-fillers”, filling slots on a convention agenda, kicking-off or closing the meeting. Don’t get me wrong: these are very skilled people and tremendous performers. The problem is that their value is limited to the time they’re onstage, and afterward, the message is rarely remembered. With all due respect intended, the reality is they are, “an inch deep and a mile wide”. If you want to succeed at the highest level of the speaking business, do the opposite. Build a depth of expertise that solves problems beyond the hype and motivation. In today’s world, organizations are looking for more than a “dog and pony show”. In this episode of the Author Speaker Podcast, we dissect this important distinction and talk about strategies to make it happen. #personaldevelopment #professionalspeaking #author