It’s every speakers dream to deliver speeches in sold-out auditoriums packed with thousands of people chanting their name. It was my dream back in 1996, and it came true. But the truth is it only happened because I got my big break from Bill Gove, not to mention mentoring from platform legends like Larry Wilson, Bob Proctor, Bill Brooks, Nido Qubein, Dave Yoho, Sr. and others. Most speakers spend years struggling along attempting to eek out a living in this business. 90% of professional speakers earn less than 75K per year, and only 1% ever hit 7-figures. I’m excited to say that in less than 6o days, these statistics will begin to change. On April 1, 2011, we’re going to launch a world-class speaker marketing system the likes of which this industry has never seen. It’s NOT a CD album or seminar, but an opportunity to build an army of people who have the power to catapult you to the financial forefront of this business. Even if you’re a brand new speaker who doesn’t even have a topic, you will have the opportunity to build a full-time speaker/speaker marketing business and earn a substantial income…in the next 12 months! Watch this video for more details and join us on a conference call February 15 at 3pm ET or 9pm ET to learn more about this once in a lifetime opportunity. If you truly believe it’s your destiny to to move people with your message and be known around the world as a thought leader in your field, this is your chance. This is a time sensitive opportunity, so if you’re interested, act now. You’ll understand why after you watch this video.  After you watch this 4-minute post, email to reserve your place on the February 15 conference call, either at 3pm ET or 9pm ET.  You MUST specify which call you want to attend, because we only have space for 99 speakers per call. This call is only for the subscribers of this blog. Reserve your place today, because they’re are 7,759 subscribers! This is the most exciting concept I’ve ever seen in the speaking industry, and it may be the thing that launches your career, bolsters your finances and changes your life. Wouldn’t that be awesome? Think of how many people you can motivate and inspire with your message. The world needs to hear your wisdom. Your audiences are eagerly awaiting your arrival in this business. If you’re already in the business, this is your chance to catapult your career into the stratosphere…to the top…where you belong. I’ll look forward to your comments.        Steve Siebold  ( 4:15 )

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