You’re a professional speaker with a life changing message. The million dollar question is; how do you deliver your message to the world? The fastest way is through television. You have two choices when it comes to doing TV. Choice number one is doing infomercials. Choice number two is by being interviewed by the biggest television personalities in the country. Which strategy gives you more credibility? I’ve done both, and while both are good, being interviewed on TV gives you more credibility than any other medium. I’ve been on 53 TV shows in the past 5 months (see ‘Steve on TV’ on the blog header) from New York to London to Sydney, and our business is booming. I’d love to take credit for all of this TV coverage, but the truth is I hardly deserve any credit at all. The man behind our success on TV is world-class publicist Bruce Serbin. ( I call him “Bruce the Beast”, because no one is more persistent or masterful in the media than Bruce. I caught up with him today in Boca Raton, Florida, and asked him to share his secret with our blog subscribers about how to get booked on TV as a professional speaker.

Steve Siebold  ( 3:10 )

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