There are lots of public speakers. Teachers, politicians, clergy, etc. Many people make there living onstage. The difference that separates the good from the great is their ability to entertain and excite an audience. Teaching and training are basic skills that millions of people have the talent to acquire. Entertaining an audience for an extended period of time is a world class skill that only a small percentage of speakers possess. Bill Gove, the father of professional speaking, taught everyone from Zig Ziglar to Bob Proctor to Larry Wilson how to create excitement onstage. His students went on to lead 80% of the personal development industry. Bill secret was a speech writing and delivery system that he taught in his famous speech workshop. ( Watch this video and rate yourself on how much excitement you create onstage.




Hello everyone. Steve Siebold back with I’m just about to … I’ve got a bout a half hour before I go and speak, here at the mansion, to a group from Montreal, Canada. I’m going to talk to them about overcoming approval addictions, it’s a group of sales people. So here’s my question for you today, in terms of your speaking. Now, on a scale of one to seven, seven being most exciting to an audience, one being least exciting, how exciting are you?

The reason I’m asking this is because right before I go on stage here at the mansion, the studio’s in the back of the property, and we’re waiting for the group to come in. There’s a bunch of them coming, about 20 something of them coming in, and I’m going to do [inaudible 00:00:50] program for them, and I’m thinking about how can I create excitement for this Canadian group of sales people? And that’s really what a lot of keynote speaking is about. Training is one thing, workshops are another. Keynote speaking is about can you hold the attention of a live audience, that sometimes wants to be there, and sometimes is simply being paid to be there. Can you hold their attention?

Now, how do you do it? Well, you do it through a lot of ways. Today I’ll do it through the excitement of basically saying, “If you don’t overcome your addiction to the approval of other people, you will never become a seven figure sales person.” That’s my belief. I think that the statistics show that over the years. I’ve done tours all over Canada, all over the US, I’ve done it in Australia, I’ve done it in western Europe, about this approval addiction topic. And it’s a big topic. So I’m going to shock them, hopefully, and excite them with this concept that this may be the only thing that’s standing between them and a lifestyle as a sales person that most people only see in movies. But if I’m addicted, as a sales person, to the approval of other people, then I don’t ask people to buy. Sorry, the sun’s shining really bright here and it’s coming through my office window, so it might skew the picture a little bit.

So I’m going to ask you, scale of one to seven, seven being the most exciting and one being least exciting, how exciting are you? What else can you do to excite an audience? Well, you can have fun with them. You can use humor, everyone loves the laugh, right? You can use startling statistics. You can use critical thinking questions. You can shock them. You can tell funny stories, you can tell exciting stories, you can tell common themed stories, you can tell brushes with greatness stories. The bottom line is, can you hold their attention when they don’t even want to be there? Because sometimes we’re speaking at 4 o’clock on Friday afternoon, they’ve been there for five days and we’re in downtown Manhattan, and they all want to get to the airport, and we’re speaking from 4:00 to 4:45 in the afternoon, and that audience eats their young, man. They don’t even want to be there, they want to go home.

Can you excite that audience? If you can, you’re a million dollar speaker, or you’re on your way to becoming a million dollar speaker. The question is can you? How do you learn to do this? How did I learn to do it? One place; the Bill Gove speech workshop. If you have not attended the Bill Gove speech workshop, do yourself a favor and attend. This program’s been in place since 1947. People like Zig Ziglar, Cavett Robert, founder of NSA. Bob Proctor, Brian Tracy, Jim Cathcart, Tony Alexander, Mark Victor Hansen. You name the seven figure speaker that you’re really fond of, that you really think is great, and chances are they either attended this workshop over the last 70 years, or they were influenced very heavily by the Bill Gove system.

See, there’s a system to keynote speaking, and when I learned that system I paid $10,000 for a private workshop with Bill Gove. He was 85 years old and he wasn’t doing groups anymore, and I paid $10,000 I didn’t have, I put it on a 22% credit card, I don’t recommend that, it’s a terrible idea. I didn’t have a choice. Since then I’ve made $15 million just in keynote speaking fees alone. That doesn’t count consulting fees, coaching fees, training fees, product sales, book sales. Most of these things are in the millions of dollars. But the keynote speech is what allowed me to sell tens of millions of dollars in training, tens of millions of dollars in consulting, and millions of book sales, and audio programs, and video programs, and all these different things.

I learned all this at one two day workshop. The Bill Gove speech workshop in 1996. It changed my life. I mean, there’s very few things in life you can say that about, if you think about it, right? A one weekend program taught me how to become a multi millionaire as a keynote speaker. Some to this workshop. If you haven’t come to it, it’s a game changer, I’m not exaggerating. This is not my program. We own the license for the Bill Gove speech workshop, but it’s not [inaudible 00:04:56] it’s not speaking. I’m telling you, this is the greatest thing you could ever do for your speaking career, follow the system that Bill Gove created, it’s unbelievable.

We do them here at the mansion. We’re sold out for October, we have one left for 2018. It’s December 7 through the 9. Come to the mansion here, see the property. It’s an amazing property, six acre compound here outside of Atlanta. Come to the workshop. We have a waiting list for the December workshop, you can sign up at Go to the website, see what Brian Tracy says about it, see what Jim Cathcart says about it, see what Bob Proctor says about it. These are three of the greatest speakers of all time, and just saying what they learned. So, love to see you there, love to have you come to the mansion and be a part of this life changing workshop. It will catapult your speaking career, it will teach you how to create excitement, so you’re a seven out of seven at the very highest level. That, my friends, is what sells and keeps you in seven figures as a speaker your entire career. Something to think about. So, from the public speakers blog, I’m Steve Siebold from the Bona Allen mansion in Atlanta. See you next time.