I interviewed a senior executive last weekend in Atlanta at the Siebold Success Network meeting for almost 2 hours onstage, and the audience of speakers was shocked at what she had to say. This executive hires some of the biggest speakers in the business, and she told the truth about what it takes to get hired at this level. As I’ve been saying over and over again in this blog, there’s a large group of speaker trainers getting rich telling people how easy the speaking business is and how you don’t have to be a good speaker to make it. They’re telling the masses of new speakers exactly what they want to hear. The problem is new speakers don’t know the truth from the lies, and they often choose to follow the path that looks easiest. That’s why I’m fighting these liars by interviewing corporate executives who hire speakers. The speaking industry is a wonderful business, and we need more thought leaders who are also competent presenters. The only chance a new speaker has to break into the business, (outside of getting famous) is to learn how the business really works and what organizations are looking for. Listen to this post, and join us in Atlanta June 11-13, for the next session of the Siebold Success Network. www.sieboldsuccessnetwork.com   Over 4,000 contracts were signed last weekends between speakers and referral agents. All we were missing is YOU!

Steve Siebold