The world is on fire. Global pandemic, war, terrorism, economic uncertainty, conspiracy theories, media bias, corrupt leaders, social unrest, political polarization, just to name a few of the threats to democracy, freedom and our way of life. Depression and suicide rates are soaring. Many believe our best days are behind us. The world is on the brink and people are losing hope. There seems to be no end to the suffering. Some of these threats are beyond our control, but most can be attributed to fear, greed and corruption. Leaders that fail to understand that the foundation of peace, prosperity and happiness is love, caring and empathy. Can the concepts espoused by the purveyors of all things positive change things around? In other words, can Personal Development save the world? This may be the most understated, powerful group of people in the world. As passive as the Personal Development Movement has always been, dating back to the days of Aristotle, is there a chance they might rise up and demand to be heard? Could their message be the much needed shot heard ’round the world? With love, gratitude, and peace on their side, I believe it’s possible. The truth has unlimited power to influence people, and now is the time it’s needed most. Join me as I explore this idea. And if you’re not a friend or fan of these people, please don’t make the mistake of marginalizing them. They number in the hundreds of millions worldwide. Do not mistake their passive demeanor for weakness. As docile as they appear, this an army with which to be reckoned.