To my speaker friends around the world: This is a call to arms. I need your help. It’s no secret that the world is a mess. Never in any of our lifetimes has any of us experienced this level of global negativity and psychological suffering. War, terrorism, corruption, political polarization, economic uncertainty, pandemic, school shootings, etc. The world is on fire and people are losing hope. In the next few days, a group of us are launching an international counter-offensive, and we need your help. Collectively, we believe the speakers, authors, and purveyors of Personal Development, in partnership with our fans, has the power to turn things around…on a global scale. I know it sounds like a pipe-dream, but remember that the Personal Development Movement is 250 million strong. That makes us the largest army in the world, and we’re on a mission to mobilize it. Please watch this short video, take up arms and join us.