It was July 17, 1998, the speech that changed my life, and the night Bob Proctor would call the best of his speaking career. It’s a story Bob was too humble to tell, but it’s the single greatest speaking story I’ve ever heard. Bob Proctor was my mentor and close friend for 25 years. We shared the stage over 100 times, we recorded an album together at Nightingale/Conant, and we co-starred together in the sequel to the blockbuster movie, The Secret. As close as we were, I never saw Bob cry. But at his private birthday party in 2014 at the Bellagio in Las Vegas, he came up to me after my speech with tears in his eyes and told me that July 17, 1998 was the greatest night of his life as a speaker. In this video I share the story the exact way it happened, because I was there. If you’re speaker, Bob Proctor fan or involved in personal development in any way, this is a story you will never forget. I almost broke down telling it, and it happened almost 25 years ago.