The average best-selling author spends 12-24 months writing their books, yet there’s a bunch of people promising new speakers they can do it in 30 days. These are the same people claiming the speaking business is easy and you can throw a speech together overnight and you don’t even have to be a good speaker to deliver it. I heard these same lies when I got started in the business in 1996, and thank God I met Bill Gove. Bill Gove was from the old school. You know, the guys who believed a hand shake was as good as a contract and your word was your bond? Bill set me straight and told me the truth. Because he was honest with me, I had the chance at fulfilling my dream as a speaker. He warned me about listening to people selling a product or program on the premise that the business was easy. Any successful speaker who’s honest will tell you how tough this business is. It’s doable and it’s worth it, but you will pay a price for your success. (like any other business)  Listen this post (9 minutes) and make your decison about writing a book on the FACTS…instead of listening to people who stand to profit from ignorance. If I sound angry in this post, it’s because I am. This is the greatest industry in the world and it’s being tainted by profiteers selling snake oil who could care less if you succeed or not. (Think George Washington Duke in Rocky 5) It’s a small group of people, but they’re growing because no one seems to have the guts to call them out. I’ll look forward to your conments.  Steve Siebold  (9 minutes)