The great recession/correction of 2008-2010 marks the end of an era for professional speakers. The days of thousands of motivational speakers regurgitating think and grow rich are over. Thousands of speakers have been forced out the business in the last two years because companies are demanding tens time the value they were 24 months ago. They are bleeding red ink and desparate for answers, which creates a HUGE opportunity for speakers with solutions while simultaneously marking the end of the road for platitude-pumping, shoulder-rubbing, philospher quoting, feel good presenters. This doesn’t mean the end for all of these speakers, but certainly for the majority. The best of the bunch will make a comeback after the recession ends, but it will never be the same as the pre-recession days. The good news is the high content, solution-oriented personality speaker will be in higher demand than ever. Fess for these speakers will continue to rise, and the future is limitless. Listen to this post and give us your take.   Steve Siebold