Your dream of sharing your message with the world is most likely only a few good decisions away. Unfortunately, most speakers never make them. They buy into the speakers “get rich quick philosophy”, write bad books no one will buy or begin calling themselves professional speakers without formal training. The speaking industry is littered with talented speakers who toiled for years, and sometimes even decades trying to figure the magic formula of the million-dollar speakers. Make no mistake: the formula exists, but it has nothing to do with magic. The formula is a mixture of relevant content, platform prowess, marketing savvy and sales skill. Gaming the system by becoming an Amazon best-seller for 20-minutes by bribing your friends, family and fans to all buy your book on the same day has nothing to do with it. Winning Toastmasters trophies, and even the Toastmasters World Championship of Speaking, won’t help either. Nor will marketing gimmicks like hosting internet radio shows no one is listening to, cold calling speakers bureau’s before you’re successful or inundating people with promotional pieces through social media. The ONLY people profiting from these pseudo-strategies are the marketers who peddle them to new, naive and unsuspecting speakers. The good news is if you follow a solid speaker marketing plan, you have a serious shot at being successful. No guarantees. This is a tough business and the odds are against you. That being said, new speakers break into this business every year and some even become stars in their niche markets. My first year in the business was 1996, and I lost over $50,000 paying for advice from snake oil salesman selling flashy advice on how to make it big as a speaker. Then I attended the Bill Gove Speech Workshop and met the great Bill Gove, the first President of the National Speakers Association and one of the most successful keynote speakers of all-time. Bill taught me the platform skills that put me on stage in arena’s with 10,000, 15,000 and 20,000 people in the audience. Next he introduced me to the Toronto Tornado, the great Bob Proctor, who taught me how to become a millionaire in this business by learning how to think like one. And then Bill introduced me to the genius of personal development, the great Larry Wilson, who built Wilson Learning into the 2nd largest training company in the world. These three men mentored me for years and showed me the secrets of the speaking business. They showed me how to sell speaking, training and consulting contracts to the largest corporations in the world. They showed me how to leverage the mass media and get my message out to millions. They showed me how to to build a business that could be sold for millions. No hocus-pocus. No gimmicks. No marketing gambits. Just solid strategies to create value for corporate and public market clients. I’ve been asked to share this wealth of knowledge for years, but my schedule is packed and it’s hard to find time. I haven’t done a speaker marketing seminar since 2007. On May 31-June 1, 2014, I’m going to conduct one final speaker marketing seminar for the people who’ve been begging me to do it for years. This 2-day program will be an intense, content heavy program where I’ll share everything I’ve learned during my 18-years in this business. I’ve kept the price extremely low so anyone can afford it, and I’m even encouraging you to bring a friend for free.

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