Speaking in an auditorium of thousands is a very different experience than speaking in a small room to a few hundred people. I just spoke in Los Angeles for 8,000 sales people, and while very exciting, these large halls always present a few challenges. Echo’s, lighting, projection screens, distance from the audience, sound, just to name a few. The crew that I worked with in L.A. was fantastic, but you don’t always get so lucky. If you want to see the introduction and my opening few minutes, you can see it on YouTube at www.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BRsmcXsiTHg

On this post, I cover how to handle some of the primary challenges of speaking to a large group, so when you’re opportunity presents itself, you’ll be ready! For more inside information and backstage access to the professional speaking business, visit our new website, www.professionalspeakershow.com

I’ll look forward to your comments. Steve Siebold (5:00)